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Butt-welding fittings
Sep 06, 2016

On pipe pieces a is with pipe manufacturing of fittings, on fittings factory for, used pipe of forming process and used seamless tube of forming process basic same, on pipe pieces forming process not including welding process; another a is by fittings factory completed fittings forming by need of welding process on welding flange is flange fittings in the of a, in different of field and industry in the widely using and promotion, in using in the applies of range different, need using of environment also different, need according to must of conditions for using. Is completed by two welded steel welding elbow, elbow is the technology of large diameter, diameter above 600 is basically right welding elbow.

Different pipe product standard provisions for heat treatment is different. Not all after deformation of pipe fittings to be heat treated. Wall thickness 2-55, mode of transport vehicles, trains, ships. Packaging strapping, painted the gap. Gravimetric weighing and weight. Aim to eliminate the process of heat treatment processing of hardening and residual stress and deformation of metal defects, bring about changes in pipe fittings of metal microstructure and properties after forming, before restoring the deformation or improve its performance and enhance.