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Cross-section shape classification
Sep 06, 2016

Pipe steel grades and specifications of the product range, the performance requirements are various. All of these should be with the distinction between user requirements or changes in working conditions. Typically, steel tube products according to section shape, production methods, pipe quality, connection, covering features and uses, such as for classification.

Steel cross section shapes can be divided into: circular steel tubes and shaped steel tube.

Special-shaped steel tube refers to a variety of non-circular cross section steel. Which are: square tube, rectangular tube, oval tubes, hexagonal, flat oval tube, half pipe, tubes, hexagonal tubes, scalene hexagon shaped tubes, triangle tube, pentagonal plum tube pipe, octagonal, convex-shaped tube, bi-convex-shaped tube. Double-concave, concave tube, oval-shaped tube, rectangular tube, diamond pipes, star-shaped, parallelogram pipe, ribbed pipe, drop-shaped tubes, finned tube, twist the different tubes, b-type, d-type pipe and multilayer tubes.

Steel profile shapes can be divided into: section steel pipe and section steel pipes. The variable section (or section) along the pipe is a long profile in the direction, both inside and outside diameter and wall thickness and the periodic or non-periodic variation of steel pipe. The main: the conical tube, tapered tube, outer ladder ladder within the pipe, tube, die-rolled section tubes, corrugated pipe, spiral pipe, steel pipe and barrel with a double line with a heatsink.