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Chemical Industry Standard Flange Gasket What Are Different
Sep 06, 2016

Flange pad is divided into asbestos pad, and rubber pad, and graphite pad, and metal winding pad (basic type) is used standard quality of SS304, and SS316 ("v" shaped or "w" shaped) metal with and the other alloy material and graphite, and asbestos, and PTFE, and no asbestos, flexible material mutual overlap spiral winding, and in began and the end with spot way will metal with fixed and into. Its role is in the middle of two piece flanged sealing effect.

In the chemical industry standard with 4 forms. Apply but with tongue and Groove face seal form. Type b, is within the ring form. Adaptation is a form of the male and female face flanges. And c is the band form. While the third and the fourth is d and c-type. Applicable sealing surface raised face. The material used is a form of stainless steel and graphite. 304, 316, and so on. Standards are national standards GB4239. now in the market to purchase must have good eyesight, many illegal factories now use carbon steel raw material processing. This flange gaskets for high temperature form is not possible, can easily lead to leaks. For a required flange gasket connection is never to use.

Flange gasket placed between the two flange sealing surface, tighten the nuts, gasket pressure reaches a certain value on the surface deformation, and filled up on the sealing surface uneven, joining close not leak