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Flange Jar Link Properties
Sep 06, 2016

Flange or convex margin disc. flange is makes pipe and pipe mutual connection of parts, connection Yu tube end; also useful in equipment import and export Shang of flange, for two equipment Zhijian of connection, as deceleration machine method blue. method blue connection or method blue joint, is refers to by flange, and gasket and the bolt three who mutual connection as a group combination sealed structure of can split connection, pipeline flange Department refers to pipeline device in the distribution works of flange, With in equipment Shang Department refers to equipment of import and export method blue. method blue Shang has eyelets, bolt makes two method blue tight even. method blue between with liner sealed. flange points thread connection (silk buckle connection) flange and welding flange and card clip method blue. flange are is into on using of, low voltage pipeline can using Silk received flange, four kg above pressure of using welding method blue. two tablets flange Zhijian plus sealed points, then with bolt tight solid. different pressure of flange has different of thickness and using different of bolt.