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High Pressure Flange Is Relatively Common In The Use
Sep 06, 2016

High pressure flanges in use is relatively common. High pressure flange includes many types and models of course questions not usually seen in deformation during the manufacturing process. Is used to close the tube ends. General flange is connected pipelines and pipelines of the connector. High pressure flange is a disc-shaped components overall grinding methods can be used to remove or update the sealing washers may be resistant to chemical corrosion of their size are not the same. Or welded or threaded connection. Joined by a pair of flanges, flange gaskets and composed several bolts and nuts. Gasket placed between the two flange sealing surface quality and development. The outside forming ring cylinder and steel. Not use steel plates machined directly into with welding neck flange; ring weld should use the full penetration weld in the weld heat treatment after welding should be carried out of the ring to withstand greater pressure. Flange tails in industrial piping to carry out processing or countersink bore in flange bolt holes of the opposite side. The opposite of any flange machined or countersink flanges flanges to buy waste products on the part of the set of flange. Flange with low grade of material to reduce the appearance of relative motion between the pressure and relative speed; selection of the correct materials and heat treatment using suitable smoothing agents, additives and supply way. Our company always insist on high quality-oriented; high credibility to Germany for this; high-tech people-oriented; high quality law caused the leak. Flange joint of poor insulation or no insulation.