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Korea Exhibition Finished Successfully
Oct 11, 2016


   The Korea Exhibition finished on 1st October 2016. Chainmill Industry is located in C26 Hall 1 .This time we show our main products,like A234WPB carbon steel cap ,stainless steel A403WP304L 90 degree Elow ,A403WP316L stainles steel equal Tee, and A105 carbon steel forged flange ,A182F51 duplex steel flanges ,and NPT A182F316 Outlet etc ,which can help clients to know more about us.It is the first time for us to take exhibition in Korea ,and is very important for us to explore Korean Market.   

    SMK & TPK 2016 is only exhibition leading Korean Steel, Nonferrous Metal, Tube and Pipe industry. Following up with the world market, SMK & TPK 2016 has scaled-up and diversified items. SMK & TPK 2016 will be the best marketing opportunity of all time in Asia.  

      The exhibit items of Steel & Metal Korea 2016 

Steel Material 

Metal Sheet, Bar Steel • Steel Sections, Special Steels, Wire Rod, Stainless Steel, Raw and Subsidiary Materials, Etc. 

Alloy Components

 High-strength Alloys, Heat-resistant Alloys, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, Cemented Carbides, Wear Resistant Alloys, Free Cutting Alloys, Superelastic Alloys, Hydrogen-absorbing Alloys, Superconducting Alloys, Amorphous Alloys, Organometallic Compound, Metal Matrix Composites, Highly-functional Metal, Alloy Steels for Machine Structural Use, Alloy Steels for Tool Use, Etc. 

Nonferrous Metal Korea 

Nonferrous Metal Cooper, Zinc, Aluminum, Light Metals, High Purity Metals, Metal Powder, Etc. Rare Metals / Noble Metals Rare Metals (Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Rare Earth Element, Etc.), Noble Metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Etc.) 

Metal Technology Korea 

Steel Manufacturing Technology 

Metal Raw Materials •Metalworking Equipment, Smelting/Furnace Technology • Equipment, Steelmaking Technology • Equipment, Continuous Casting Technology • Equipment, Rolling Technology • Equipment, Oxygen Generating Facility, Steel Scrap Manufacturing Facility, Steel Production Facilities • Fire Resistant Materials, Etc. 

Processing Facility / Equipment 

Roll, Cutting Tool, Sheet Metal Working Machine (Bending, Cutting, Welding, Deflashing, Slitter), Powder Production Equipment (Atomizing Equipment, Grinder/Crusher, Mixer, Rotating Electrode System, Reducing Device, Plasma Equipment), Laser Processing Machines, Etc. 

Evaluation / Testing / Analysis Technology 

X-ray Inspection System, Visual Inspection System, Materials Analysis Services, Fatigue Testing Machines, Non-Contact Thermometer, Strain Gauge, Durometer, Resistivity Meter, Industrial Endoscope, Ultrasonic Test Instrument, Component Analyzer, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Density Measurement Instrument, Metal Detector, Electronic Control Devices, Etc. 

Metal Based Industry Korea

  Casting / Forging / Molding Casting, Casting Facility • Technology, Casting Materials, Die Cast Equipment, Forging Facility, Pressing Equipment, Hot Forging / Cold Forging, Mold, Etc. 

Heat Treating Equipment / Surface Treatment 

Vacuum Heat Treatment, Heat Controller • System, Induction Heating Equipment, Surface Treatment (Plating/Painting/Coating), Environmental Equipment, Etc. Industrial Furnace 

Furnace, Electric Furnace, Vacuum Furnaces, High-frequency Induction Furnace, Ceramic Furnace, Etc. 

Steel Pipe 

Oil Country Tubular Goods, Oil Pipeline, Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping, Steel Pipes for Special Piping, Conduit Tube, Structural Steel Tube, Steel Pipes for Vinyl Greenhouse, Corrugated Steel Pipe, Steel Pipes for Boiler Heat Exchanger, Etc. Nonferrous Metal Tube / Pipe 

Aluminum Tube, Bronze Tube, Brass Tube, Copper Tube, Nickel Tube, Zinc Tube, Titanium Tube, Etc. 

Tube / Pipe Accessories 

Pipe Fitting, Gasket Pipe, Flange Pipe, Valve Pipe, Pipe Nipples, Pipe Couplings, Etc. Facility & Technology

 Tube Mill Machine, Pipe Rolling Machine, Tube Straightener, Pipe Grinder, Heat Treatment Equipment, Pipe Surface Treatment, Welding Machine, Cutter, Pipe Bending Machines, Punching Machine, Pipe Winding Machine, Processing Machine, Testing Technique •Machine, Etc.