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State Department Carry Out On-site Supervision To Ensure That The Annual Economic Tasks
Sep 06, 2016

Released on August 30, the State Council on carrying out the third great supervision notice, 31 provinces (regions and municipalities), the Xinjiang production and construction Corps and the departments concerned under the State Council to carry out on-site supervision, supervision focuses on maintaining stable economic development, promote the supply side of structural reform and promoting innovation-driven development, ensuring and improving people's livelihood and so on four aspects of the work. Ensure that the main objectives and tasks of economic and social development for the year. Steel pipe mining purchase website take you for detailed information:

And maintain stable economic development, around a modest expansion of aggregate demand, effective investment to steady growth, adjusting the structure, make the key role, maintaining steady growth of consumption and promoting imports and exports rebound, supervision 6 items:

1, accelerating the construction of major investment projects;

2, to promote investment, especially private investment in the sustained and healthy development of the society;

3, clean up the inventory of financial deposit funds;

4, expand consumer demand;

5, to promote innovation and development of foreign trade;

6, further promoting the new urbanization.