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Steel Raw Material Market Analysis
Sep 06, 2016

"Gold and nine silver ten" season has arrived, what about the development of the iron and steel industry? Will not be as expected people to say that? Steel pipe mining purchase website show you know something about steel raw materials in anticipation of the future within a week:

First look at iron ore trends this week:

Ore market turbulence this week run, imported iron ore spot-10 Yuan/ton, Platts index falling 3.3 dollars, around the domestic ore, steel mills in the Northeast up 30 yuan/ton, the Tangshan steel up 5-10 yuan per ton, down 15 Yuan/ton in East China, temporary stability in the South. Near several day steel price declines heavy, ore market short atmosphere also larger, yard received goods attitude obviously more caution, sold light, and domestic small Mills starts situation slightly has improved, but overall starts rate still partial low, most Mills hands inventory not more, again combined imports mine General's index does not deep fell of background, short-term ore market does not has plunged of conditions, is expected to next week mine price to stability mainly, individual area in local led Mills prices Xia narrow more weak, range 10 Yuan/tons near.

Tube site you come and see: this week the national trend of scrap: scrap the decline spread nationwide this week. Second batch of environmental protection groups have settled in some provinces and cities, with the last lesson of Xinyi, the manufacturers did not dare to move. Positive stimulus to the capacity to digest, billet, after a lot of struggle, falling into the abyss, lack of demand also began showing the face of ferocious, near the end of the month, in order to sell, loose thread spot prices. Futures continued lower, press on the market nerves.

Even for the Golden nine expected good under bearish, bearish sentiment spread position start callback is more obvious in the Southwest, large combined with steel scrap prices. All in all, steel scrap market this week is just one word, fell.

Golden nine in particular, into the first day, companies in East China change its old positive style, cut its purchase price of 30 yuan/ton, played as if the market has stepped into the cold winter. However, it was just routine, sand the finished product ex-factory price increase in early 30-50 Yuan/ton, again emphasized the intention of timber to the market.

To sum up, before the callback may be rising too much, make room for the next rebound, perhaps the fastest rally will appear before and after mid-September, rebound depends on the threaded delivery. Prior to this, market or steady weakening in the short term, specific macro after the data was released, future trends.