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The Advantage Of Plat Flange Compare To Other Flanges
Feb 27, 2017

The advantage of flat flange compare with other flanges

     Flat flange is generally applicable to low pressure pipeline system.Compare to the other flanges ,flat flange is easier to operate calibration.

     Flat flange  not only save space and reduce the weight,but also ensure that the joint will no leak with good sealing.The reason why the flat flange size is reduced is due to the reduction of diameter of the seal,which will reduce the cross-section of the sealing surface.The flange gasket has been replaced by a seal ring to ensure that the seal faces the sealing surface.In this way,only a small pressure is required to compress the sealing sureface.With the required pressure reduction ,the size and number of bolts can be reduced,so the final design of a small size and light weight(than the other flange weight reduction of 70% to 80%) of the new proction.So flat flange is a relatively high-quality flange products for industrial use played an important role.

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