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Use Characteristics Of Large Diameter Flanges And Fasteners
Sep 06, 2016

Common of large-diameter flange plate flange and the flange. Threaded flange is the absence of large diameter. In real production and sales, or flat welding products accounted for much more. Flat welding large diameter flanged and welded large diameter flange structure and use a range of different, to show features and benefits will be different, so should be used for different areas of use, ensure that flange play an important role. Large diameter flat welding flange less, apply pressure p ≤ 4MPa; welding neck flanges, also known high-neck flanges, rigidity, suitable for high pressure and temperature.

Flanges and fasteners

Flange sealing surfaces-there are three: flat sealing surface, suitable for high pressure, medium-toxic; embossing seal, suitable for high pressure situations; sealing surface of tongue and Groove, suitable for inflammable, explosive and toxic media and high pressure situations. Big caliber flange in application in the often and tight firmware with match using, following said both of application features: first is big caliber flange mechanical performance style should in heat treatment Hou of rough Shang along rolling direction steal, such cut to of location for: if rough diameter not is greater than 40mm Shi, so will in Center at sampling; if rough diameter is greater than 40mm Shi, so to diameter of one-fourth at for Center sampling. Double end studs and threaded Stud should be carried out in batch performance test. Nuts should be carried out in batch hardness test; production of raw materials for special fasteners plant material certificate.

Fasteners are used in fastening and the most widely used class of machine parts used all kinds of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, equipment, instruments and supplies, such as above, you can see all kinds of fasteners. It is characterized by many varieties of different specifications, performance and usage varies, and standardization, systematization, generalization of species is extremely high.