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What Are The Factors That Affect The Performance Of Large Flange
Sep 06, 2016

In the production of large flange, there are many factors affecting the performance of large flange, here we talk about several common factors, starting with annealing temperature (annealing temperatures for primers and templates when the temperature parameters, when 50% of primers and complementary series performance as the temperature at which a double-stranded DNA molecule, it is the more important factors affecting PCR specificity. Ideally, the annealing temperature is low enough, to ensure effective annealing of primers sequences with purpose, but also high enough to reduce non-specific binding. Reasonable annealing temperature from 55 degrees to 70 degrees centigrade. Set lower than the Tm of the primers annealing temperature 5 ℃.

) To reach the required temperature Annealing temperature reaches the required temperature. Large flange processing solution heat treatment is generally taken, as people usually termed "annealing", temperature in the range of 1040~1120℃ (Japan). You can anneal furnace observation hole, annealing of large flange pipe fittings should be ended, but did not appear to soften down.

Followed by sealing the furnace (case is steel plate and steel welded together, trolley by the steel and welded steel, trolley with lining of soft-contact and sand body reduction of thermal radiation and convection losses, effectively ensure the sealed furnace. ), Bright annealing furnace is closed, air is isolated with the outside world; using hydrogen as shielding gas, one is through the exhaust port (used to light emission of hydrogen gas). Check with SOAP and water in various joint gaps of annealing furnace to see if deflation; one of the most easily into deflation is annealing furnace tubes and tube place the seals in this area particularly prone to wear, be sure to check often.